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Welcome To Free Bratz Games Online And Bratz Dress Up Games!

If you are a girl with a passion for fashion then this site is for you! Here you can play many Bratz dress up games, makeover games and many other games with Bratz Girls. Dress up your favourite Bratz Doll, help the little Bratz Babyz to find the way through the mall or you can shine on the red carpet.If you click on the pictures you will find a short description of the game. I hope you will enjoy your time here on Free Bratz Games Online!

Bratz Games:

BRATZ GAMES: Bratz A Night On The Red Carpet
Bratz A Night On The Red Carpet
Earn points, design sparkling jewelry and mix 'n' match your favorite Bratz Doll in glamorous fashions for a night on th...
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Baby Day Care
Bratz Baby Day Care
Help babysit these cute little Bratz babies. They need your attention and loving care. Have fun giving milk, food, and...
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Babys Little Ponyz
Bratz Babys Little Ponyz
It's SHOWTIME! Every Bratz pony needs a makeover for the big show and you are the stylist! Pick your favorite pony and s...
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Babyz Bling
Bratz Babyz Bling
The Bratz Babyz have a serious passion for fashion. Make the blocks disappear by aligning 3 in a row. Have fun!
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Babyz Fish Tank
Bratz Babyz Fish Tank
You'll have lots of fun with your fishy friends if you feed them and keep them healthy. They're Bratz fish, so of course...
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Babyz Mall Crawl
Bratz Babyz Mall Crawl
Just like in the Bratz Babyz The Movie, the big bully Duane is up to no good! Come crawl through the mall with the Brat...
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Babyz Ponyz Stylin Show
Bratz Babyz Ponyz Stylin Show
It's Show Time! Every Ponyz needs a stylin' makeover just before the big show and YOU'RE the stylist! Pick your favorite...
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Dolls Mix Up
Bratz Dolls Mix Up
Can you figure out the image? Arrange the pieces to see the Bratz picture.
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Dressup Makeover
Bratz Dressup Makeover
Help the Bratz gang get ready for a special night out!
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Facial Makeup And Dress Up
Bratz Facial Makeup And Dress Up
Bratz is participating in a fashion contest and needs a new look! Help her stun the judges by dolling her up. Do her m...
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Fashion Designer
Bratz Fashion Designer
Bratz Dollz looking for some cool new fashions to wear! Show your skillz and design them an outfit. Fist pick the Bratz...
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Fashion Pixiez Party
Bratz Fashion Pixiez Party
There's a Pixie Party and your invited! But first you'll need to go on an enchanting journey to find it. You have a tim...
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Fashion Styling
Bratz Fashion Styling
Help style two of the Bratz sisters for a ride with their friends. They are need of fashion accessories to make them lo...
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Flower Girl
Bratz Flower Girl
Help dress these Bratz dolls in a beautiful flower dress.
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Forever Diamondz Big Night Out
Bratz Forever Diamondz Big Night Out
Earn points, design dazzlin'jewelry, and mix 'n' match your Bratz Girl in sparklin' Diamondz fashions! Begin by earning...
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Forever Diamondz Glam
Bratz Forever Diamondz Glam
Match jewels and earn points! Click two neighboring tiles and swap them. When three or more tiles match in a row or col...
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Gals Online Coloring
Bratz Gals Online Coloring
Have fun with this Bratz coloring pages game for kids. Let your imagination run wild!
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Games Ask Cloe
Bratz Games Ask Cloe
Need an answer to a question? Ask Cloe! Type your question in the box then click the star!
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Games Love Meter
Bratz Games Love Meter
Do you look good... together? Type in your names and find out now!
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Games Makin Up
Bratz Games Makin Up
Pick a Bratz. Click on a hairstyle to try on the latest looks. Try on make-up by selecting either "lips", "eyes" or "blu...
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Games Mash
Bratz Games Mash
Is your future fashionable? Follow these 4 easy steps for a glimpse of things to come! 1 - Fill in the blanks with all...
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Games Model Makeover
Bratz Games Model Makeover
You're the Bratz stylist! Mix-n-match today's hottest styles and then create your own Bratz magazine cover! Pick a Brat...
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Halloween Fashion
Bratz Halloween Fashion
Halloween season is here and Bratz wants to celebrate with a new outfit. Doll her up with any number of costumes for th...
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Ice Champions
Bratz Ice Champions
Ready to skate like a star? Pick your music, create your routine and be the next Bratz Ice Champion!
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz In Paris
Bratz In Paris
Bratz is in Paris! She is out on the town wants you to dress her up for an incredible night! Help her out by showing h...
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz In Venice
Bratz In Venice
Bratz is in Venice! What do you think she would like to wear? Have fun helping her pick out an outfit for this lovely ...
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Kidz Gettin Ready
Bratz Kidz Gettin Ready
It's almost time for school and we each know exactly what we want to wear, but can't find it anywhere! We know it's in t...
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Kidz Haunted House
Bratz Kidz Haunted House
The Bratz Kidz sleepover party turned into a spooky haunted house! Help them find their way out!
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Kidz Racing Starz
Bratz Kidz Racing Starz
The race is on! Find the 3 hidden items before your opponent in this super cool multi-player racing game!
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Kidz Tale Twisterz
Bratz Kidz Tale Twisterz
Create your own Kidz tale - fill in the blanks then read the story you wrote! Fill in the blanks with either an adjecti...
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Makeover Game
Bratz Makeover Game
Create super stylin' looks! 1. Pick the Bratz you want to style. 2. First you must wash and dry her hair. 3. Click on...
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Nursing School
Bratz Nursing School
Bratz is a nurse and needs your help to pick out a cute outfit. Who says nurses canít dress well?
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Online Coloring
Bratz Online Coloring
An amazing Bratz coloring game. Use your imagination and sense of fashion to color these Bratz girls!
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Pixiez Fortunes
Bratz Pixiez Fortunes
Ask Pixie the Bratz Girl to tell you your daily fortune and make this day nice day!
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Room Decorating
Bratz Room Decorating
Help decorate this teen Bratz bedroom!
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Room Makeover
Bratz Room Makeover
Help the Bratz Girls arrange their room!
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz The Perfect Match
Bratz The Perfect Match
Show off your matching skillz with the Bratz Perfect Match! Click the tiles to turn them over and see what's underneath...
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Valentine Party
Bratz Valentine Party
Jade Bratz is going to a dance party tonight. Help her look glamorous and styling by choose the perfect outfit and acce...
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Wedding
Bratz Wedding
Here comes the bride... Bratz is going to a wedding and needs your help to pick out her look for the special day!
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Xtreme Skateboarding
Bratz Xtreme Skateboarding
Skateboard with your BFF and perform real skate boarding stunts and tricks!
BRATZ GAMES: Bratz Yasmin Color
Bratz Yasmin Color
With this Bratz coloring game you can decide how Bratz should look. Have fun making her look amazing!
BRATZ GAMES: Chic Pretty Pastel Bratz Dress Up
Chic Pretty Pastel Bratz Dress Up
Bratz loves pastel colors. Help this Bratz cutie pick out a perfect outfit with this pretty pastel palette!
BRATZ GAMES: Color Fun Bratz
Color Fun Bratz
Color your favorite Bratz doll any way you choose with this Bratz color game.
BRATZ GAMES: Glam Bratz Make Up
Glam Bratz Make Up
Bratz is going out to a glam party tonight with her friends and wants an awesome new look. She needs your help to make ...
BRATZ GAMES: Jade Bratz Royal Makeup
Jade Bratz Royal Makeup
This Bratz gril will be attending a Royal event tonight and needs your help to pick out an outfit. Showcase her beauty ...
BRATZ GAMES: Party Bratz
Party Bratz
Yikes! Bratz has a party with her friends tonight but she isnít ready! Help her out by giving her a stunning look for ...
BRATZ GAMES: Rocking Bratz
Rocking Bratz
Bratz is getting ready to go to a music concert. Help her rock out by giving her a cute outfit. She will thank you for...
BRATZ GAMES: Sasha Bratz In Park
Sasha Bratz In Park
Help dress Sasha up for the park!
BRATZ GAMES: Set My Blocks Bratz Fashion
Set My Blocks Bratz Fashion
Can you see the picture? If not, rearrange the blocks until you can see the Bratz image.
BRATZ GAMES: Sweet Santa Bratz
Sweet Santa Bratz
Ho ho ho! Itís Christmas time and this beautiful young Bratz is dressing up for the holidays. Help pick out her outfit...
BRATZ GAMES: The Bratz Style
The Bratz Style
You can dress up and make over any Bratz doll with this game. Have fun!
BRATZ GAMES: Waitress Bratz
Waitress Bratz
Help dress up Bratz for her job as a waitress. Have fun!

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